14-10-2017 Hoefslag Festival (with T.B.A.)
27-10-2017 Bruin Café JaxX, Roosendaal (with He Said No)

Past shows


29-07-2017 Wolfrock, Steenbergen
 Jampop, Everdingen

Jampop voorronde
Hoefslag Festival 23rd (as Ikke eerst en de gif es gauwkes with NØFX, Note to Amy (Bad Religion covers) and De Weidetulpjes)
10-02-2017 The Clash of the Cover Bands, Café Bolle, Tilburg (as Ikke eerst en de gif es gauwkes)


18-12-2016 Omdat het Kan!, Waalwijk
De Boulevard, Hoogerheide (with RebelGino’s Eyeball)
Hoefslag Festival 22nd edition (with The Broken Anchors and Liberty Valance)
08-10-2016 Slotterfest, Gouda (as NOXF)
 ZLHC Classic Fest, Goes (as NOXF)
De Vrijbuiter, Goes (with He Said No and The Broken Anchors NOXF)
 Freebirds Zeeland Tour, Oost-Souburg (with Resolve, Crosswire and Rebelstar)
16-04-2016 Jeugdhuis Ekseekwo, Gentbrugge – Belgium (with Gino’s Eyeball, Three Eyed Jack and The Octopussys)
02-04-2016 Hoefslag Festival 21th edition (with Orange Apple and Charlie Bit My Finger)


23-10-2015 The Clash of the Cover Bands 2015/16, Café Bolle, Tilburg (as NOXF)
 Hoefslag Festival 20th edition (with Note To Amy and Sidewalk)
17-04-2015 The Clash of the Cover Bands 2014/15, Mezz, Breda
28-03-2015 JC KOMMA, Hulst (with  Oskoed Slotters and Gino’s Eyeball)
14-03-2015 Hoefslag Festival (with Jynx and Overweight)


14-11-2014 The Clash of the Cover Bands 2014/15, cafe ’t Slik, Bergen op Zoom
18-10-2014 Hoefslag Festival (with He Said No and Wasted 24/7)
26-09-2014 Electron, Breda (width Dowzer, The Mad Baron & Mistral) more info
27-08-2014 Rock Cafe, Leuven (with Man Is: Astronaut) more info
02-08-2014 Extase Tilburg, support for Jaya The Cat
28-06-2014 Rick’s birthday party
11-04-2014 Podium10 (Voorronde Bandtalent, with: ItisualLast SuggestionAudiomind)
29-03-2014 Hoefslag Festival (with Fornax & The Death Traps)


02-11-2013 Hoefslag Festival (with March & Dowzer)
07-09-2013 Rock over Halsteren outdoor (with Gino’s Eyeball, Harsh Realms & more)
24-08-2013 Café de Biebar (with Dowzer)
13-04-2013 Hoefslag Festival
06-04-2013 Zwaanfest
16-02-2013 T-Strijd, Bergen op Zoom


17-11-2012 Hoefslag Festival (width Oskoed Slotters)
25-08-2012 Rock over Halsteren outdoor
23-06-2012 Les Vedettes, Bergen op Zoom
07-06-2012 ColSensation, Gebouw-T (All on Black, Groove XL, Shaken & Faster Forward band)
19-05-2012 Rock over Halsteren (Moose on the Loose, The Innovators & The Black Keys)
07-04-2012 Hoefslag Festival (13e editie)
10-03-2012 Gebouw-T, Bergen op Zoom (with Simius and more)
03-03-2012 Helvoirt (with: Black Circle, MAYDAY 13 and more)


19-11-2011 Walhalla, Deventer (with Fallen Idols & LAF)
12-11-2011 JKC Nirwana, Dronten (with LAF & The Minority)
28-10-2011 Gebouw-T, Bergen op Zoom (with Linc, Capital Sentimental & Going Duth)
22-10-2011 Hoefslag Festival 12th (with Fallen Idols & Gino’s Eyeball)
01-07-2011 Rock over Halsteren (voorronde)
05-06-2011 Helvoirts Weekend (open podium finale)
16-04-2011 Open Podium Helvoirt, Helvoirt
09-04-2011 Hoefslag Festival 11th
10-02-2011 The Rambler, Eindhoven (With Checkpoint Echo, Sweet Vendetta & Reign of War)


18-12-2010 West-Point Festival (with Celluloid Heroes and more)
09-10-2010 Hoefslag Festival 10th (with Gino’s Eyeball & Overweight)
27-06-2010 Zomerconcert, Klein-Zundert (o.a. met Triple S & Mencia Schoolband)
10-04-2010 Hoefslag Festival 9th (with Dysfunctional Kid, Sellfish and Simple Assumption)
20-03-2010 Rock over Halsteren (with Backstienk Boys & Spare to Fire)
19-02-2010 ’t Trefpunt, Halsteren (with The Octopussys [be])
15-01-2010 2nd Influenz, Ovezande (ZINK, Starlit Nights, Double C & more)
01-01-2010 Café Die 2, Bergen op Zoom


18-12-2009 Emergenza, 013, Tilburg (Win gratis kaarten!)
12-12-2009 Bibelot Bandboost, Dordrecht (Tales Of Ale, Meet The Storm, Too Loud For Granny, Question Mark)
14-11-2009 Bootparty, Dinteloord (oa. Zero-Friction, Otis, Rockin Robin, Carpoolparty)
10-10-2009 Hoefslag Festival (The Octopussy’s, Jynx, Dowzer)
13-08-2009 The Rambler, Eindhoven (with Confidence in Chaos, SYNCOPE & Embrace Destruction)
30-04-2009 Cafe 545, Ede (with Vine Yard, Question Mark and Titanic on the rocks)
11-04-2009 Hoefslag Festival ‘spring edition’ (with Les Aligned (DE), Backstienk Boys & State of Mine (BE))
28-03-2009 Rock over Halsteren (The Palookas & more)
20-03-2009 2nd Influenz, Heinkenszand (special act)


29-12-2008 Leisure ’n Pleasure, Bar American, Middelburg (bands tba)
31-10-2008 Hoefslag Festival (with Overgrown, Sakmi, Dowzer)
11-10-2008 Alive Festival (with Lucky Strike, Santola, Worst-El-Aars, Ceremony of Opposites)
20-09-2008 The Battle of the Bands, Waalre
05-06-2008 The Rambler, Eindhoven (with Sakmi & more)
10-05-2008 Café Die Twee (with Braader Willy)
13-04-2008 OJC the Fuse, Bakel
12-04-2008 PocoZ, Zundert
11-04-2008 Hoefslag, Bergen op Zoom (with The Nuclear Brothers, Second Base [BE], worst-EL-aars)
27-03-2008 Bibelot, Dordrecht
23-02-2008 Open Podium Helvoirt, Helvoirt


19-10-2007 2nd Influenz, Ovezande
18-10-2007 JC Todo, Best (with Barbed Lyre)
28-09-2007 Hoefslag, Bergen op Zoom (with The 101’s, 1000 Miles Ahead, Gino’s Eyeball [BE])
27-09-2007 JC Todo, Best
01-09-2007 Rock over Halsteren
14-07-2007 Cerberus, Hengelo
25-05-2007 Punkfest, Best (with Rene SG, Dit Bestand, Damn Noisy Kids, Blok 1A Canestorto, Kezus Krijst)
12-05-2007 013, Tilburg
06-05-2007 Café Die 2, Bergen op Zoom
29-04-2007 Koniginnenacht, Halsteren (with Skidmark & worst-EL-aars)
21-04-2007 Dijkrock, Rilland
12-04-2007 Kaatje P, Hogeschool Rotterdam
31-03-2007 Hoefslag, Bergen op Zoom (with Jynx, Solitus)
10-03-2007 013, Tilburg
02-03-2007 Doe Maar Vet, Etten-Leur
25-02-2007 ’t Wagenhuis, Nieuw-Vossemeer


08-12-2006 Café ’t Hoefke, Bergen op Zoom (besloten feest)
27-10-2006 2nd InfluenZ, Ovezande
13-10-2006 Internationaal, Roosendaal
07-10-2006 Midgard, Middelburg
30-09-2006 Hoefslag, Bergen op Zoom (with Fornax & One Two Three Four)
08-07-2006 Cesarfest
31-03-2006 Hoefslag, Bergen op Zoom (with Skidmark, Jynx, Gino’s Eyeball [BE])
27-01-2006 De Zandput, Serooskerke


17-12-2005 Café Die Twee, Bergen op Zoom
16-12-2005 2nd InfluenZ, Ovezande
15-10-2005 Lost Key Festival, Vlissingen
28-05-2005 First Kick ’05 (with Janez Detd, Van Katoen, Fornax, Spooner, Hark)
26-03-2005 Café Die Twee, Bergen op Zoom (with San Andreas & Last Sunset)


26-12-2004 Cafe ‘Die Twee’, Bergen op Zoom
17-12-2004 2nd InfluenZ, Ovezande
18-11-2004 Mollerlyceum, Ossendrecht (school party)
11-09-2004 Heerlijk Heldere Herrie, Bergen op Zoom (with worst-EL-aars & S.D.D.)
04-09-2004 Muziekfeesten in Huijbergen (with Victim, Gomer Pyle, String Riot, The Beaverhunters)
02-09-2004 GroenLicht, Vlissingen (with Fornax)
27-08-2004 Wally’s Place, Roosendaal (with Jynx & Ferox [DE])
01-08-2004 The Music Temple, Roosendaal (with Fornax & Skidmark)
25-07-2004 Bergs Voorspel, Bergen op Zoom


11-10-2003 de Zet, Bergen op Zoom
22-08-2003 Denneheuvel te Ossendrecht (with Million Dollar Mistake & The Shames)
11-05-2003 Denneheuvel te Ossendrecht