Past shows


17-11-2018 Hoefslag Festival 26th (with KING LOWHe Said No and Sidewalk)
Wolfrock, Steenbergen (tba)
 Gebouw-T, Bergen op Zoom (as Ikke eerst en de gif ’s gauwkes)
Steenbergen Live! (as Ikke eerst en de gif ’s gauwkes with many others)
Hoefslag Festival 25th (as Ikke eerst en de gif ’s gauwkes Ink Bomb with and Generation of Scars)
Den Akoestiek, Axel (with De Weidetulpjes & Oskoed Slotters)


27-10-2017 Bruin Café JaxX, Roosendaal (with He Said No)
Hoefslag Festival 24th (with Barney’s Ego & Lost From The Start)
Wolfrock, Steenbergen
 Jampop, Everdingen

Jampop voorronde
Hoefslag Festival 23rd (as Ikke eerst en de gif ’s gauwkes with NØFX, Note to Amy (Bad Religion covers) and De Weidetulpjes)
10-02-2017 The Clash of the Cover Bands, Café Bolle, Tilburg (as Ikke eerst en de gif ’s gauwkes)


18-12-2016 Omdat het Kan!, Waalwijk
De Boulevard, Hoogerheide (with RebelGino’s Eyeball)
Hoefslag Festival 22nd edition (with The Broken Anchors and Liberty Valance)
08-10-2016 Slotterfest, Gouda (as NOXF)
 ZLHC Classic Fest, Goes (as NOXF)
De Vrijbuiter, Goes (with He Said No and The Broken Anchors NOXF)
 Freebirds Zeeland Tour, Oost-Souburg (with Resolve, Crosswire and Rebelstar)
16-04-2016 Jeugdhuis Ekseekwo, Gentbrugge – Belgium (with Gino’s Eyeball, Three Eyed Jack and The Octopussys)
02-04-2016 Hoefslag Festival 21th edition (with Orange Apple and Charlie Bit My Finger)


23-10-2015 The Clash of the Cover Bands 2015/16, Café Bolle, Tilburg (as NOXF)
 Hoefslag Festival 20th edition (with Note To Amy and Sidewalk)
17-04-2015 The Clash of the Cover Bands 2014/15, Mezz, Breda
28-03-2015 JC KOMMA, Hulst (with  Oskoed Slotters and Gino’s Eyeball)
14-03-2015 Hoefslag Festival (with Jynx and Overweight)


14-11-2014 The Clash of the Cover Bands 2014/15, cafe ’t Slik, Bergen op Zoom
18-10-2014 Hoefslag Festival (with He Said No and Wasted 24/7)
26-09-2014 Electron, Breda (width Dowzer, The Mad Baron & Mistral) more info
27-08-2014 Rock Cafe, Leuven (with Man Is: Astronaut) more info
02-08-2014 Extase Tilburg, support for Jaya The Cat
28-06-2014 Rick’s birthday party
11-04-2014 Podium10 (Voorronde Bandtalent, with: ItisualLast SuggestionAudiomind)
29-03-2014 Hoefslag Festival (with Fornax & The Death Traps)


02-11-2013 Hoefslag Festival (with March & Dowzer)
07-09-2013 Rock over Halsteren outdoor (with Gino’s Eyeball, Harsh Realms & more)
24-08-2013 Café de Biebar (with Dowzer)
13-04-2013 Hoefslag Festival
06-04-2013 Zwaanfest
16-02-2013 T-Strijd, Bergen op Zoom


17-11-2012 Hoefslag Festival (width Oskoed Slotters)
25-08-2012 Rock over Halsteren outdoor
23-06-2012 Les Vedettes, Bergen op Zoom
07-06-2012 ColSensation, Gebouw-T (All on Black, Groove XL, Shaken & Faster Forward band)
19-05-2012 Rock over Halsteren (Moose on the Loose, The Innovators & The Black Keys)
07-04-2012 Hoefslag Festival (13e editie)
10-03-2012 Gebouw-T, Bergen op Zoom (with Simius and more)
03-03-2012 Helvoirt (with: Black Circle, MAYDAY 13 and more)


19-11-2011 Walhalla, Deventer (with Fallen Idols & LAF)
12-11-2011 JKC Nirwana, Dronten (with LAF & The Minority)
28-10-2011 Gebouw-T, Bergen op Zoom (with Linc, Capital Sentimental & Going Duth)
22-10-2011 Hoefslag Festival 12th (with Fallen Idols & Gino’s Eyeball)
01-07-2011 Rock over Halsteren (voorronde)
05-06-2011 Helvoirts Weekend (open podium finale)
16-04-2011 Open Podium Helvoirt, Helvoirt
09-04-2011 Hoefslag Festival 11th
10-02-2011 The Rambler, Eindhoven (With Checkpoint Echo, Sweet Vendetta & Reign of War)


18-12-2010 West-Point Festival (with Celluloid Heroes and more)
09-10-2010 Hoefslag Festival 10th (with Gino’s Eyeball & Overweight)
27-06-2010 Zomerconcert, Klein-Zundert (o.a. met Triple S & Mencia Schoolband)
10-04-2010 Hoefslag Festival 9th (with Dysfunctional Kid, Sellfish and Simple Assumption)
20-03-2010 Rock over Halsteren (with Backstienk Boys & Spare to Fire)
19-02-2010 ’t Trefpunt, Halsteren (with The Octopussys [be])
15-01-2010 2nd Influenz, Ovezande (ZINK, Starlit Nights, Double C & more)
01-01-2010 Café Die 2, Bergen op Zoom


18-12-2009 Emergenza, 013, Tilburg (Win gratis kaarten!)
12-12-2009 Bibelot Bandboost, Dordrecht (Tales Of Ale, Meet The Storm, Too Loud For Granny, Question Mark)
14-11-2009 Bootparty, Dinteloord (oa. Zero-Friction, Otis, Rockin Robin, Carpoolparty)
10-10-2009 Hoefslag Festival (The Octopussy’s, Jynx, Dowzer)
13-08-2009 The Rambler, Eindhoven (with Confidence in Chaos, SYNCOPE & Embrace Destruction)
30-04-2009 Cafe 545, Ede (with Vine Yard, Question Mark and Titanic on the rocks)
11-04-2009 Hoefslag Festival ‘spring edition’ (with Les Aligned (DE), Backstienk Boys & State of Mine (BE))
28-03-2009 Rock over Halsteren (The Palookas & more)
20-03-2009 2nd Influenz, Heinkenszand (special act)


29-12-2008 Leisure ’n Pleasure, Bar American, Middelburg (bands tba)
31-10-2008 Hoefslag Festival (with Overgrown, Sakmi, Dowzer)
11-10-2008 Alive Festival (with Lucky Strike, Santola, Worst-El-Aars, Ceremony of Opposites)
20-09-2008 The Battle of the Bands, Waalre
05-06-2008 The Rambler, Eindhoven (with Sakmi & more)
10-05-2008 Café Die Twee (with Braader Willy)
13-04-2008 OJC the Fuse, Bakel
12-04-2008 PocoZ, Zundert
11-04-2008 Hoefslag, Bergen op Zoom (with The Nuclear Brothers, Second Base [BE], worst-EL-aars)
27-03-2008 Bibelot, Dordrecht
23-02-2008 Open Podium Helvoirt, Helvoirt


19-10-2007 2nd Influenz, Ovezande
18-10-2007 JC Todo, Best (with Barbed Lyre)
28-09-2007 Hoefslag, Bergen op Zoom (with The 101’s, 1000 Miles Ahead, Gino’s Eyeball [BE])
27-09-2007 JC Todo, Best
01-09-2007 Rock over Halsteren
14-07-2007 Cerberus, Hengelo
25-05-2007 Punkfest, Best (with Rene SG, Dit Bestand, Damn Noisy Kids, Blok 1A Canestorto, Kezus Krijst)
12-05-2007 013, Tilburg
06-05-2007 Café Die 2, Bergen op Zoom
29-04-2007 Koniginnenacht, Halsteren (with Skidmark & worst-EL-aars)
21-04-2007 Dijkrock, Rilland
12-04-2007 Kaatje P, Hogeschool Rotterdam
31-03-2007 Hoefslag, Bergen op Zoom (with Jynx, Solitus)
10-03-2007 013, Tilburg
02-03-2007 Doe Maar Vet, Etten-Leur
25-02-2007 ’t Wagenhuis, Nieuw-Vossemeer


08-12-2006 Café ’t Hoefke, Bergen op Zoom (besloten feest)
27-10-2006 2nd InfluenZ, Ovezande
13-10-2006 Internationaal, Roosendaal
07-10-2006 Midgard, Middelburg
30-09-2006 Hoefslag, Bergen op Zoom (with Fornax & One Two Three Four)
08-07-2006 Cesarfest
31-03-2006 Hoefslag, Bergen op Zoom (with Skidmark, Jynx, Gino’s Eyeball [BE])
27-01-2006 De Zandput, Serooskerke


17-12-2005 Café Die Twee, Bergen op Zoom
16-12-2005 2nd InfluenZ, Ovezande
15-10-2005 Lost Key Festival, Vlissingen
28-05-2005 First Kick ’05 (with Janez Detd, Van Katoen, Fornax, Spooner, Hark)
26-03-2005 Café Die Twee, Bergen op Zoom (with San Andreas & Last Sunset)


26-12-2004 Cafe ‘Die Twee’, Bergen op Zoom
17-12-2004 2nd InfluenZ, Ovezande
18-11-2004 Mollerlyceum, Ossendrecht (school party)
11-09-2004 Heerlijk Heldere Herrie, Bergen op Zoom (with worst-EL-aars & S.D.D.)
04-09-2004 Muziekfeesten in Huijbergen (with Victim, Gomer Pyle, String Riot, The Beaverhunters)
02-09-2004 GroenLicht, Vlissingen (with Fornax)
27-08-2004 Wally’s Place, Roosendaal (with Jynx & Ferox [DE])
01-08-2004 The Music Temple, Roosendaal (with Fornax & Skidmark)
25-07-2004 Bergs Voorspel, Bergen op Zoom


11-10-2003 de Zet, Bergen op Zoom
22-08-2003 Denneheuvel te Ossendrecht (with Million Dollar Mistake & The Shames)
11-05-2003 Denneheuvel te Ossendrecht